Passwords and Email are the Keys to your Digital Kingdom


If you lost all your business emails and passwords at this moment, what shape would your business be in? Do you have email and password backups? In the digital world, email accounts and passwords are now the “keys” to your business kingdom. Share them sparingly and covet them fiercely.

Do not sign up for vital online services using an individual’s email. The business manager’s email, say [email protected], may seem adequate and safe, but it is not. Instead, maintain a generic email account and password for online services that can be accessed by several people – use something like [email protected] to access your vital online services such as Web hosting and merchant accounts. If Freddie decides to leave the company, all you have to do is change one password and your business’s online accounts are secure. And please, please make your passwords non-trivial.

If your company is large, you can create several categorical online accounts like [email protected], [email protected] , and [email protected] depending on departmental responsibilities. In this scenario, every password should be different across functional areas.

You get the picture. No matter what scheme you come up with to keep your digital business organized, make sure  your emails and passwords are current, secure, and backed up, else you may face days of unnecessary fear and dread when Freddie the business manager decides to quit his job to work for the competition or join a rock band.

As a modern day King Richard might cry at such a prospect, “My Kingdom for all my business-related emails and passwords!”

Fare thee well.

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