Email Personalization for your Business

Truism: One can’t personalize email communications with just an email address.

Can anyone argue that point? Therefore, you have to ask at least a few questions in your sign-up forms like name, location, demographics, and interests. Why did a new subscriber sign up, for example? That is valuable information and a great start for personalizing email follow ups.

You may need to rethink your entire email strategy if you want true personalization.

Use the unique subscriber identifiers that you gather to segment your email list. For example, if 8:00 am is the best time for opening email, you’ll need to send out emails based on timezone / location.

Does where I’m headed make sense? As difficult as it may seem at first, the only way to personalize is to get added info up front from your subscribers. Obtaining added information from your existing subscribers (if you don’t have it) is another hurdle, but one that must be addressed in order to personalize.

So, you can’t personalize with just an email address… well, sort’a. Another way to personalize (somewhat) is to track email behaviors. One of the easiest is to segment an email list based on what links subscribers click on in your emails. A good email provider will provide insights into what actions subscribers take – like clicking on particular links.

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Good luck!!